Guide to Buying A Glass Dining Table

The table will become the center of attention in your dining room when you choose a glass dining table. It is still enough of a rarity that it commands attention. A glass topped table is so much more glamorous than a traditional wooden table. It is a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture in its own right, but still every bit as functional as a plain table. Many people won’t even consider a glass dining table because they think that it is either dangerous, or hard to care for. They would be wrong on both counts. So, how do you get started shopping for a glass-topped dining table? Why, the same way you do with any other type of table, of course.

Glass Dining Table

glass dining table
Glass Dining Table

Figure Out What Size You Need

Start by measuring your dining room. Just as with any other dining table and chairs, you don’t want the room to be so crowded that you can’t move the chairs around as get yourself seated.

The internet is full of size guidelines, and most of them are pretty much the same. Do keep in mind, though, the size of the people you normally have at your table. A bunch of football players take up considerably more room than a group of ballerinas. But the industry seems to have settled on these sizes as being “typical”.

• Four people: 28″ to 40″ square or 36″ to 48″ round
• Four to six people: 28″ by 46″ to 40″ by 58″ rectangle or 58″ to 78″ round
• Six to eight people: 36″ by 60″ to 48″ by 72″ rectangle or oval
• Eight to ten people: 36″ by 80″ to 48″ by 92″ rectangle or 36″ by 36″ to 80″ by 92″ oval
• Ten to twelve people: 36″ by 96″ to 48″ by 108″ rectangle
• Fourteen to sixteen people: 36″ by 124″ to 48″ by 126″ rectangle

Which Shape Do You Want

When you look at dining tables, the most common shape you see is rectangular, because the shape works well for seating a lot of people. With a long, rectangular table, you have plenty of room for place settings on each side, plus the serving dishes in the middle.

If you have a square shaped dining room, and you are looking for a small table, consider getting a square table. Besides mirroring the shape of the room, a square dining table promotes intimacy and conversation, since you are sitting so close together. If you normally only have 2 to 4 people at your table, a large rectangular table will look empty.

Small dining rooms are perfect for round tables. If you need to seat a lot of people at your main dining table, perhaps you have room in the kitchen or a breakfast nook for a round table. With round tables, everyone is more or less facing one another in a cozy, intimate way.

Oval dining tables are a blend of round and rectangular. They don’t seem to take up as much space, because the corners are rounded off, but they will seat more people comfortably than a round table. You’ll also find a larger selection of sizes in the oval shapes.

Glass Dining Room Table
Glass Dining Room Table

How To Care For Your Table

Caring for a glass dining table is actually easier than caring for a wood table. If your table has a solid sheet of glass on the top, you just need to pick your favorite cleaner. Most people will already have a window cleaning product in their cleaning supplies. That will be perfect for keeping your glass table clean and shiny. If you prefer a homemade recipe, mix 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and use that. If you should get something really nasty stuck on your tabletop, you can use a product called Bar Keeper Friend to gently scrub it away.

For the actual cleaning part, you can use a soft cloth or paper towels. Some people swear they get the best streak free shine with newsprint, others use coffee filters. Or you can go hi-tech and keep a microfiber cloth handy. The advantage to these are that they are machine washable and will last years. If keeping trash out of the landfill is important to you, you can find microfiber cloths everywhere from automotive stores to discount and dollar stores.

If you have the type of table that has the glass set down inside a wooden frame, you’ll need to add a couple of extra steps to your cleaning routine. Periodically, you should vacuum out any crumbs that get caught between the glass and the wood. You’ll also need to be sure that the product you are using to clean the glass doesn’t harm the wood parts of the table. Also, you’ll need to polish the wood occasionally, just like you would if you had a solid wood dining table.

Now that you have all of the background information you need, its time to go shopping.

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